Introducing the World's First
Virtual Agile Coach!

lucidLIFT’s Virtual Agile Coach (patent pending, serial #62/398.4720) is the world’s first and only data-driven agile coaching and training software platform.  lucidLIFT adds virtual agile expertise to your teams by monitoring your backlogs 24 x 7 x 365, and using artificial intelligence to guide the teams.

We use “deliberate practice” a technique originally used with elite athletes, to more effectively coach agile teams, using the Scrum Framework as a base and incorporating other agile best practices.

lucidLIFT helps build the skills and expertise you need to create high-performing, predictable teams that deliver results!

How Our
Can Help You

Knowledge vs. Skill

You may have invested thousands, even millions of dollars on agile training and coaching, but you still may not be getting the results you expected.

The reason is that agile training teaches basic concepts (knowledge), but doesn’t typically teach agile mechanics (skills).

The existing tools on the market (e.g. Jira, CA Agile Central) don’t have an opinion on what good agile looks like, so they cannot enforce good practices and help build solid agile skills.

lucidLIFT’s Virtual Agile Coach builds skills by taking an opinion on what constitutes good agile.  It observes a team’s current performance, then sends alerts, sets goals and provides training content targeted toward issues specific to that team.

Scaling Agile

Scaling Agile?

Our Virtual Agile Coach will help you
build predictability at scale.

Whether you’re using SAFe, LeSS, S@S or developing your own scaled agile method, lucidLIFT’s Virtual Agile Coach is a must have!

Each product owner, scrum master, team member, or agile coach will have her/his own interpretation of agile, and his/her own way of doing Scrum.  Depending on the person, Scrum could mean anything from a highly data-driven empirical process to complete chaos.

Management is left with unpredictable teams, and data that is inconsistent from team-to-team when scrum is rolled out at scale, if there is any data available at all!

lucidLIFT provides consistent, reliable data and insights across all of your teams, regardless of the mix of backlog tools you are using. With lucidLIFT, you’ll be able to create a consistent agile approach, and you’ll have reliable enterprise data to make better business decisions.

Virtual Agile Coach Testimonials

” lucidLIFT is an assistant that keeps us on track.  We keep our backlog in Jira, and lucidLIFT is super easy to use, really plug and play.  It operates like a virtual scrum master! “

– Scott Eck, Product Owner

“lucidLIFT is extremely easy to use.  It gives me added support to keep me going in the right direction.  lucidLIFT is an agile coach that you can use on your own schedule!”

– Carol Hamer, Business Process Analyst

“lucidLIFT connects right up to Visual Studio.  It really allows us to learn quickly about agile.  It also gives me daily alerts that keep me on track.”

– Ann Novotny, Application Support Specialist

“lucidLIFT, with a click of a button, tells me, “Here’s what you should work on.”  The sprint planner function is a cool feature!”

– Bob Mordorski, Product Owner

Video Testimonials

Build Better Teams,
Build Better Software

You can build the most productive agile teams in your company, or even your entire industry, and more productive teams mean better products and a more profitable business.

We want to be your agile partner!  Contact us to set up a demo or discuss your situation.  We’re looking forward to hearing from you.