lucidLIFT Outcomes

Agile expertise, like any other skill, is built by doing real work.  This is why lucidLIFT uses the “deliberate practice” model to produce tangible outcomes.  Expect the following outcomes when you partner with lucidLIFT:

Expertly Trained Teams

Your teams will have a solid understanding of agile/scrum, reinforced by expert coaching and software. Our training is biased toward predictable software delivery.

Reliable Velocity

Each team will establish velocity metrics and know how to use velocity for estimation and planning. The software will ensure that velocity is visible to all team members, and will alert if teams overcommit based on velocity history.

Product Backlog

Teams will create, prioritize and size a backlog of user stories. The backlog is monitored 24 x 7 x 365 by our Virtual Agile Coach, and alerts are generated when potential problems are detected. Nearly 100 facts about each backlog are constantly being evaluated.

Visibility and Reporting

Management will have up to the minute visibility on the status of all projects, and will know how to use velocity to predict release timelines and budgets. The software will produce sprint-end reports in a human-readable, narrative form.

Sprint Cadence

A common sprint cadence will be established for every team and each team will go through planning, backlog grooming demos and retrospectives during each sprint. The Virtual Agile Coach will alert if sprint cadence deviations occur.

Risk Management

Through proper use of agile/scrum processes and aided by our software, teams and management will know well in advance when projects are at risk of missing commitments or due dates.