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Corporate Agile Training

Why invest in corporate agile training?

If you’ve ever managed a workplace change without first ensuring everyone affected understands the reasons and objectives, you know that aligning your teams and leaders is critical.

Unlike other agile training firms, we customize our training to your specific needs. We offer a variety of training courses from a one-hour executive overview to two and three-day boot camps. Your team will be trained in basic agile principles, as well as how to apply these principles to your unique business environment.

Best of all, your trainer will be available to coach your teams after the training to ensure the training takes root.

lucidLIFT’s two day boot camp was the best training my teams have ever had! – John R., Software Development Director

Scaled Agile Coaching

Are you wondering if scaled agile will work for you? Have you implemented one of the popular methods and found that the increased overhead outweighs the benefits?

Whether you’re using SAFe, LeSS, Scrum@Scale, or just need a lightweight way to manage dependencies between teams, we’ll help get you where you need to be without unnecessary overhead.

We’ve helped dozens of companies scale agile, and although there are different approaches, the goal is always the same: to minimize disruption, down time and wasted effort as you grow.

Team Coaching

Well-coached agile teams regularly outperform teams that use other methods. But a bad agile practice can leave you with no metrics, no predictability and a spiral of missed dates, cost overruns and disappointed customers.

We teach your organization the fundamentals of agile, then we show your team how to put the ideas into practice. We believe there is no substitute for learning by doing. The result: we give you the tools you need to build your own self-directed teams, performing at their highest potential.

Do you need a coach, but don’t feel that you can invest in a full-time consultant or direct hire? Check out our fractional coaching services. For an affordable monthly fee, we are always available when you need us. You get the best coaching available whenever you need it, and everyone in your organization benefits from the same consistent approach.

Executive Coaching

Agile from an executive perspective is quite different than agile from the team perspective. The job of an agile team is to create innovative, profitable solutions to business problems. The job of an agile leader is to build and operate an agile system (check out “The Agile C-Suite” at Harvard Business Review)

Without a system in place and a way to measure key performance indicators, spinning up more and more agile teams will ultimately fail. Perhaps you’ve seen an agile implementation that struggled to scale. Leadership is responsible for creating the system in which agile teams can survive and thrive.

lucidLIFT coaches leaders to create an agile corporate culture and an agile business system that will support your teams. We’ll also show you how to use actual team data to build and tune your agile business system.

Enterprise Coaching

The most successful enterprise agile implementations involve both “bottom-up” and “top-down” activity. Your great teams are using agile techniques to innovate and deliver value rapidly. At the same time, your leaders and managers are creating the conditions for success. This involves all areas of the company, not just the engineering department. Finance, Operations, and HR all have to create the right environment for your company to take maximum advantage of agile. Culture, systems and processes all play a role.

lucidLIFT brings deep C-level experience and  business expertise to your enterprise transformation. We’ve been in your shoes. We use an “align-transform-strengthen-maintain” approach to ensure success throughout the organization. Your success is our success!


An agile assessment may be the right place to start if you need advice on how to proceed with a team or organization.

Our assessments include:

    • An anonymous survey sent to the entire team to gather both facts and attitudes.
    • Interviews with all key staff members, managers, and executives.
    • Observation of key ceremonies or activities.
    • Analysis of your assets and data (product backlog, burn-up/burn-down charts, defect analysis).
    • A quantitative “heat chart” which summarizes organizational maturity in key areas.
    • Summary of what you are already doing well, and short-term and long-term recommendations for improvement.

We’ll provide you with actions that you can take right away, giving you an immediate return on your investment. We’ll also point out longer-term or more intrinsic issues that are keeping the organization from reaching its full potential.

Product Roadmap Workshops

“The hardest single part of building a software system is deciding precisely what to build.”  -Fred Brooks

Does your product team struggle to deliver clear feature descriptions to your engineers? Do you end up with engineering rework due to misunderstood requirements?

In our product roadmap workshops, we help your team:

  • Produce or refine a product vision which defines the big picture.
  • Create a process map / high-level roadmap.
  • Break your roadmap down into functional user stories.
  • Do preliminary story sizing and roadmap planning.

The process you will learn will quickly become part of your product management routine and will dramatically improve your development speed and quality.

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