November 20, 2020

All-Hands Meeting Not Effective?
Try “Big Room Planning”

Key Points: “Big Room Planning” or “Program Increment Planning” is a Scaled Agile tool but can be effectively adapted for other purposes. The “all-hands” meeting is
June 17, 2019
Agile Manifesto (edited)

Is it Time to Amend the Agile Manifesto?

I recently had lunch with a CIO friend of mine.  We were talking about his new job, and he said, “you know, my software teams are
February 21, 2019

Want better delivery teams? Make this one simple change.

Effort and results are sometimes related, but they are not the same. I recently worked with a development team that was on a year-long critical project
February 14, 2019

Can “deliberate practice” make you better at your job?

Imagine two kids on the playground, and they both dream of a career in the NBA.  Both love basketball, are super motivated, and both decide they
May 5, 2017

Are you really doing Kanban? Or did you just give up on Scrum?

Toyota developed Kanban in the late 1940s by studying supermarkets. 60 years later, the software industry adapted Kanban by studying Toyota. My first exposure to Kanban
April 25, 2017

Having trouble scaling agile? It might not be an “agile” problem.

Scaling agile shouldn’t be any more difficult than scaling any change across an enterprise, as long as your enterprise is structured for success. If you’re having